Top 10 Documentaries About Cigars

We all need a little downtime to disconnect from the world and immerse ourselves in our passions and hobbies and a great way to do that is to sit back, relax, and enjoy a good documentary.

These are not highly budgeted Hollywood productions but that is one of the reasons they have so much charm. Another reason is that they take us, cigar aficionados, back to our favorite places on earth: tobacco farms, factories, and lounges.

Here are our suggestions:

1. The Fabulous Story of Puro

2. From Seed to Smoke: A Cigar’s Odyssey

3. Zino Davidoff

4. Hand Rolled: A Film About Cigars

5. The Art of the Cigar

6. The Fuente Family: An America Dream

7. Padron Cigars

8. Cigars: the heart and soul of Cuba

9. Cuba and the Cameraman

10. Master Class com Walter Saes

Bonus videos: UK Cigar Scene Interview Series

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