Things You Can (and Should) Do in Quarantine

Staying at home nowadays is a highly responsible decision to make and for now, the best way to minimize the Coronavirus from spreading fast. However, it has some drawbacks that we, as a social species, we did not predict. Let’s face it, being home because you need to and not because you want to is boring. Those who have kids start to question how kindergarten teachers are so patient and those who have not, start to run out of topics to discuss with their spouse.

We love to be on our phones a lot but we want to do it when we want to, not when there is nothing else to do. Hell, we’re writing this article because we reached the end of the internet. True story.

We want to help you keep your mental health alive so we came up with some ideas to do in this #stayathome times.

1. Organize your Humidor

Every cigar lover knows that organizing the humidor is a very therapeutical thing to do, right from the start. When you bought your first one you thought: “Yep, a 25-count humidor will do just fine for the first years”. But it didn’t. After just a couple of weeks, you realized that it was not going to be enough and you started thinking: “Maybe the humidor is not properly organized…” And one out of ten times you are right. The feeling of accomplishment you get when you fit 40 cigars in a 25-count humidor is something you will remember forever.

After that, whenever you want to relax you go straight to the humidor to take everything out, inspect the cigars, clean the humidor and put it all inside with a little twist. Maybe this time you will put the Edicion Regionales all on one shelf, maybe you’ll organize them by brand and size. You’ll figure it out because what’s fun is the process of doing it.

2. Purge and refill your lighters

Like your first humidor, you also thought the same about lighters: “I will purchase one lighter and that’s it. Why would I need more than one lighter?” And yet, by the second week, you realized you were completely wrong. Soft-flame lighters, single-torch, double-torch, triple and quad-torch, table lighter, pocket lighter, crappy lighter, super expensive lighter… there are just too many options to go for.

However, there is one thing that they all have in common, they all need to be purged from time to time. As time goes by, you start to feel that it just doesn’t ignite as well as it did. In the beginning, a click was enough to start the flame and now it seems like it doesn’t want to ignite at all. You might need to purge your lighter. To purge (or bleed) a lighter is simply to remove all its air and butane gas before you refill it. This process is very easy and it should be done before you refill your lighter, you just need to grab a thin object — like a toothpick or a needle — and press the valve down for a couple of seconds with your lighter facing down. If you want to go the extra mile, press it down and purge at the same time. That will ensure that the air and extra gas inside are completely removed. Then, refill your lighter with butane gas and you are good to go.

3. Try that cigar you are saving for a special occasion

Let’s not be negative, let’s be realistic. Chances are, you are going to be just fine and this quarantine is going to be just a thing you will joke about in the future but… you never know. And with that in mind, don’t you think this is the perfect time to light that special cigar you have been saving for so long? What better way to celebrate life rather than with your special cigar in your hand? Look at it as a celebration and not as a goodbye. You deserve it, the cigar deserves it and if your spouse is a cigar lover, that’s even better. Go to the balcony, crack that nice whiskey (or any other pairing you like) and just go for it. Enjoy it as the world is going to end tomorrow, which it will not. Maybe.

4. Open that bottle you are saving

Continuing the mood of the previous topic, and for the same reasons, open that “unicorn” bottle of wine, rum, cognac, whiskey… you name it. Every single one of us has that bottle at home, no matter the size of our wallet. Now is the time to open it and share it with your loved ones — if they are with you. Be safe.

5. Rotate your cigars

From time to time, you should rotate your cigars so they can receive the same airflow. If you have two shelves on your humidor just switch them and that is it. If you want to be more precise, rotate also the cigars in each shelf, bottom ones to the top, top ones to the bottom. This simple maintenance tip will allow your cigars to be much more comfortable as time goes by. This becomes even more important if you are planning to store your cigars for a long time.

6. Elevate your cigar knowledge

Isolation periods can be boring and if you need something to fill your head, fill it with knowledge. Every cigar aficionado is a bit of a snob, we don’t like to admit it, but we are. That is why we read blogs and we spend hours talking about blends, leaf types and perfect pairings. And the worse of them all is us, because we don’t just read… we also write. And we love it. There is a ton of information online about the cigar world and if you want to read our articles, that would mean the world to us. If you are a beginner, learn about how a proper cigar storage can make or break your humidor. If you are more advanced on your journey, learn about the quest and demand for old, rare and vintage cigars.

Read all about it on our blog.

7. Build a cigar box wall

Remember when you told yourself: “one day, I am going to build a wall made of cigar boxes. It would look incredible!”. Remember that? Now is the time to do it. If you have kids, even better. It can be a family activity that everybody can enjoy. We’ve done one for our cigar lounge and it turned out great. It sets a great mood in the lounge and it is an amazing conversation starter. By experience, we leave you a couple of suggestions:

  • Get a wooden board and nail the boxes to the wood and not to the wall. This way, instead of ruining your wall, you make only the necessary wholes to secure the wooden board to the wall.
  • Display the cigar boxes on the ground and treat them like a puzzle before nailing them. You can put the kids playing with the boxes until you’re satisfied with the final pattern
  • If you work with the entire boxes, remember that some have lids. Eventually, they are going to fall once you secure the wooden board to the wall so make sure to glue the lid to the box.

8. Sharpen your cutters

This one is quite controversial. Some say it is even psychological, but we promise it will work. It doesn’t matter if you have a plastic $1 cigar cutter or a $100 one. They will lose their blade edges and will not cut properly as time goes by. If you have a cheap one, you might say “screw it” and just buy another one at the store. However, if you have a mid-level cutter like a Colibri or a Xikar, you might want to try this first.

Go to your kitchen and grab the tin foil. Yes, the tin foil. Don’t judge us just yet. Roll your tin foil like a cigar with the same ring gauge of your cutter. Then, start cutting your aluminum cigar as many times as possible. Repeat it with 1 or 2 aluminum cigars and your cutter is ready to go. Now, it is never going to be a new blade again, but it will be significantly better. Somehow, the friction between the blades and the aluminum makes the edges sharper. We would love to explain the science behind it, but the truth is… well… we don’t know it.

9. Watch a cigar documentary

There are a lot of videos on Youtube talking about cigars bit in the last years, there is one that elevated the bar. The guys from @bespokeunit took it up a notch with their Youtube video named From Seed To Smoke: A Cigar’s Odyssey | Davidoff Cigar Factory & Farms (How Cigars Are Made). In this 1 hour and 35 minutes video, they explore the wonderful world of Davidoff’s cigars and their pursuit for perfection. Saying it is a masterpiece is a bit too much but, until this day we have not seen any other that glued our eyes to the screen like this did.

10. Watch a documentary about Cuba

In this time of isolation, why not some Netflix & Chill? Watching documentaries is a way of learning new things and keeping your mind occupied. Netflix has a beautiful documentary film about Cuba called: Cuba and the Cameraman. The same cameramen follow the daily lives of three Cuban families throughout the struggles and difficulties of living in a beautiful yet challenging country. If you think Cuba is just Havana, watch this documentary and explore the beautiful island of tobacco.

Cuba and the Cameraman — a Netflix documentary
Cuba and the Cameraman — a Netflix documentary
Cuba and the Cameraman — a Netflix documentary

11. Read a cigar book

If you like to read, why not go for a cigar book instead of a romance or a drama? There are a lot of options out there capable of entertain and enhance your cigar knowledge. Here are some of our suggestions:

12. Stay home and stay safe

We just want to finish this article by making a very serious request: Please stay home. Respect your significant others and know that we all have to be on the same page. Stay safe.

A note to the cigar community

Thank you very much for giving us a bit of your time by reading this article. It means the world to have you with us. If you want to follow our daily activities head to our Instagram, where we try our best to bring the community together by sharing our love and knowledge for cigars. Have a great day.

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