The Founder Series — Interview with the founders of Artisan Leaf

Bar tops produced by Artisan Leaf

On this interview, we cover the amazing product of three creators — George Newsome, Reggie Harrison, and Sebastian Correa — the genesis of the idea and the challenges of working with natural tobacco leaf. Artisan Leaf is producing all kinds of products from bar tops to wall panels to leaf ashtrays.

All Things Cigars: Who are the faces behind Artisan Leaf and how did you get together?

Sebastian, Reggie and George.

All Things Cigars: Your product is very much unique. Can you tell us what is the concept behind it and how did you come up with the idea?

“The other seemingly strange order we’ve had is a casket that we covered for a local funeral home who provided us with the piece and asked if it could be done. It might have been the strangest except we’ve gotten used to it as we are now fabricating those on a fairly regular basis.”

All Things Cigars: Are you a business-to-business oriented product or a direct to consumer?

All Things Cigars: How did you come into the cigar world?

All Things Cigars: It is quite amazing the work you do with tobacco leaves, can you tell us more about the entire process? Do you use leftover tobacco on your products or do you have special crops just for it?

All Things Cigars: What was the strangest order you had so far?

All Things Cigars: We feel that the way you treat the leaves would be a perfect match to a humidor, have you ever considered building one?

All Things Cigars: How can people order your product?

Bar top made with natural tobacco leaf for a high-end bar.

All Things Cigars: It seems that it is kind of a trend to customize everything in cigar items. Is your product customizable?

All Things Cigars: How do you get around the ban that social networks create to tobacco-related products?

All Things Cigars: What is your biggest market?

All Things Cigars: Thank you for this interview and for opening the doors of your company to us. Wish you all the best.

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