The Founder Series — Interview with the co-founder of Select Draw Cigar Cutters

Every once in a while we interview the founders of cigar-related projects, products or initiatives. The creativity behind some products is something that should be shared more often with the world not only as a marketing vehicle but to provide value to all the community. This interview with Mark Weissman — co-founder of Select Draw Cigar Cutters — revels some details of the history and concept behind this product.

All Things Cigars (ATC): Your product is very much unique. Can you tell us about the concept behind it and how you came up with the idea?

The high-polished aluminum gives it a very smooth feeling to the touch

ATC: Are you the founder of Select Draw Cigar Cutter? Tell us more about your background.

ATC: There’s a story behind the search for the perfect material, isn’t there?

ATC: We feel that the cutter is much more suitable to stand still over a table than for everyday carrying. Are you planning on doing a smaller and more pocket-sized product?

ATC: How are sales going worldwide? What are your biggest markets?

The Select Draw Cigar Cutter resembles a wonderful chess piece

ATC: How’s the general acceptance of your product so far?

ATC: Any special editions coming soon?

ATC: Why would you recommend your product over a standard cutter?

ATC: Are there any funny/entertaining stories that you want to share while developing the product?

Unscrewing the cap reveals the three prongs made out of strong steel

ATC: Would you say that your cutter enhances the overall taste of the cigar?

ATC: How can our readers order your product?

ATC: It seems that it is kind of a trend to customize everything in cigar items. Is your product customizable?

ATC: Do you have any advice for all the cigar smoking beginners out there?

ATC: How did you come to the cigar world?

ATC: What are your top three cigars at the moment?

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