Cigar Review Wednesdays — Trinidad La Trova LCDH

This mighty cigar from Trinidad is a true delight and a must-have in your collection. Over the years, this brand became iconic among aficionados and rumor has it that Trinidad was actually the brand that Fidel Castro smoked, not Cohiba as many believe.

The tobacco comes from the world-famous Vuelta Abajo region, in Cuba, considered the best tobacco-growing area in the world. The Trinidad La Trova is an exclusive launch of La Casa del Habano and it is a big cigar — 6.50"x52 — but do not feel overwhelmed just yet because it is one of the most delicious pieces of nature you will ever taste. This cigar is not cheap, but it is worth every cent.

Strength / size

Medium — Full / 6.50" x 52

Before lighting up

Opening a box of Trinidad is a very pleasant experience because only then you realize the size of it. If you are a fan of big bold cigars, this is definitely one that you have to try. Before you light it up, you just have to admire its beautiful construction. No pronounced veins, a beautiful and oily wrapper and perfectly filled with that premium Vuelta Abajo tobacco. Another thing that adds to the mystique of this cigar is the classic pigtail. Cigar rules say that you should never cut a pigtail but hey… you do whatever you want.

1st third

By twisting the famous Cuban pigtail, you get skeptical. How can a simple pinch on the pigtail make a comfortable enough draw? You will be surprised. You have to understand that cigars built like that were meant to be smoked like that. From all the Cuban cigars with a pigtail, not even once we had a problem with a draw. Plus, it saves you a lot of space in your pocket if you don’t have to carry your cutter. From the first puff, this cigar immediately lets us know that we are smoking something with a lot of class and finesse. You can feel the amount of time invested in this cigar just by the taste of the velvety smoke. The flavor of this medium to full body cigar is rich and dense right from the start, coating your palate with white chocolate, spices, earth, and even a touch of a creamy coffee. The La Trova, even for a big cigar, produces a substantial amount of rich smoke.

2nd third

The La Trova is a very complex cigar, getting stronger as you keep going and the smoke is increasing in its volume and opacity. Roasted walnut is a predominant flavor that pops up at this stage, coating the back of your palate with that same feeling you get when you are eating them but in a lighter version. It is a very complex combination of creamy flavors with those warm feelings that comfort food brings as it tucks you in on a nice blanket on a cold rainy day. It evolves to a beautiful nuttiness with a sort of woody sourness, but just enough to get noticeable. The one place where it shows its claws is on the retrohale. The smoke that goes through your nose is pungent and very strong and for those who are not familiar with this technique, you will feel it even harder.

3rd third

This is the La Trova pièce de resistance. It really explodes in flavor (in a good way) and its smoke now transforms into this beautiful heavy cloud that you just want to chew again and again like a ball of cotton candy. The cigar is now at its full power, both in heat, spiciness and strength. By now, almost 2 hours have passed and you feel like it was just a minute ago that you light it for the first time. You see, the Trinidad La Trova is one of those cigars that oozes complexity. It is both sweet and strong at the same time. How can a cigar with this power and flavor seem like it took 10 minutes to smoke it when instead it took 2 hours? Compare it with your first love. That first look at him/her only took a fraction of a second, but in that second you could see an entire future with that person beside you.

Final notes

We enjoyed the Trinidad La Trova from the first puffs. Rolling it between your fingers and feeling that smooth Trinidad wrapper is a very exclusive sensation. You really feel like you are in the presence of greatness. You can enjoy it in a lot of different occasions, both on a calm and relaxing environment where you can experience all the complex nuances of it or you can completely turn it around and enjoy it on that outdoor summer wedding of your best friend. It will last you some solid 2.5 hours depending on how fast or slow you smoke. Just don’t save it to smoke at the end of the party, you know you are going to be too drunk to enjoy it properly. The La Trova really is one of those cigars that you just want to light one after the other.



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