Cigar Review Wednesdays — Partagas Maduro No. 1

No collection would ever be complete without the impressive Partagas Maduro No. 1.

The wrapper on this cigar is something that you have to witness for yourself: it is a thick, oily and leathery tobacco leaf, so well fermented and cured that it is almost insulting to other maduros.

It is also a special cigar because it was the first Partagas to ever carry the “Maduro” name on the second band. Maduro means that the tobacco leaves were fermented for an extended period of time, making them darker in color and enhancing their flavor.

To buy this wonderful cigar, you have to go to a La Casa del Habano or a Habanos Specialist distributor because the Maduro No. 1 was made exclusively for these stores.

Strength / size

Before lighting up

1st third

2nd third

3rd third

Final notes

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